Colorado provides countless views of scenic beauty. With such wonderful scenery it is no wonder that many people take to hitting the great outdoors to relax and rewind. What is a person in a lager city doing to relax and rewind? Those in the Denver area take the suggestions provided by blogger Joy Opp. Opp started the group Colorado Mountain Mommas after she had her daughter in 2003. The following list of places are great hiking areas that are just right for families with children. What a great time for families to get together and explore the scenery together.


Coyote Song Trail: This trail is a wonderful place for families to release their energy. It is a three-mile trail that gently winds around a loop. Families might find more friends on this hike as it is moderately traveled with other explorers. The trail is dog friendly as long as fido is kept on a leash and offers a number of different things to explore. This trail is open from March through October.


Mount Falcon Castle and Tower Hike

The Mount Falcon trail is perfect for families looking to unwind. It is located a short 40 minutes from Denver and offers 2.3 miles of scenic beauty. Along with wearing out the kids on this estimated 1.5-hour hike, families can feel free to bring their horses and ponies or mountain bikes to enjoy the wonderful views as well. Dogs are allowed as long as they are kept on their leash. The wonderful views from this trail can be seen all year long.


Red Rocks Amphitheater Loop

Is the family ready to see some of Denver’s most natural beauty? This family friendly hike is bound to catch the breath of all family members as they stroll around the loop that takes them past the massive natural red rocks and nature made amphitheater. The hike lasts approximately 1 hour and is easy enough for any age hiker to navigate easily. The trail is open year round and is canine friendly but must be kept on a leash.



Deer Creek Canyon

This trail is for the more adventuress family that is not afraid of a little legwork. The trail is almost 3 miles long and covers a wide variety or terrain that starts as an up hill trek followed by an easier decline as the hikers reach the end of the trail. Many wondrous views are seen from this hike.

Maxwell Falls

This is quite possibly the most loved trail system of Denver, because the trails have acquired so much attention, it is necessary to establish a few simple rules to prolong the beautiful trail system. The trails are located an hour from Denver and have hiking times from almost an hour, up to 2.5 hours.



Denver offers people many different types of terrain to explore, many of them with small children that are to young to walk, all the way to experienced hikers that are looking for an adventurous weekend. Set out to find a new trail to conquer and build many family memories that will last for years to come.