Perfect Paleo Snacks for Kids

When families have an excitement to get out and enjoy nature, one of the best ideas is to make sure that they have food to feed the hungry stomachs of energized hikers. Making foods that are trail friendly does not have to be rocket science, and can easily be done by paying close attention to what the little hikers commonly like to eat when it is grab and go time. Some ideas of trail friendly snack ideas are listed below.



Meats for Energy

It is not a requirement to cook a meal to gain the nutrition of meats. Some easy meat snacks include:

Canned tuna

Vienna sausages


Beef, turkey or chicken jerky

Ham cubes or slices

Smoked fish.

Foods that go Well on Crackers

Crackers provide plenty of carbohydrates to give hikers the extra energy they need for a powerful hike. Some easy and simple foods that go well with crackers are cheese, canned fish, veggie dip, fruit dip, jelly, peanut butter and sliced meats like ham, pepperoni, sausage and bologna.

Another type of well-adapted travel food is various types of fruit; these can include fruits such as:

Dehydrated strawberries, bananas, cherries, blueberries, pineapple, apples, peaches and mangos.

Vegetables are an excellent source of needed nutrition that is trail friendly as well. Try these veggie tricks to add some pep to the step:

This is a close-up of vegetables and fruits.

Fresh vegetables that are cute in sticks- carrots, celery,cucumber

Diced vegetables- tomatoes, carrots, green beans, broccoli, and cauliflower.

Other snack ideas that are quick and easy to carry while being healthy include pudding and jello cups, sun dried or oven roasted potato/veggie chips, fruit roll ups, and snack nuts like peanuts, almonds, pecans or cashews.

It is also important for the family to drink plenty of water while on an outdoor adventure.

Families should teach their young hikers to be respectful of nature and to pick up after themselves in order to maintain a clean environment for other hikers and animals of the forest.

It is a magical adventure to be able to take in the majestic beauty that Mother Nature has prepared for the hikers, it is up to future hikers to maintain a positive environment so that the next generation of hikers can experience the same love and beauty as the generation before them did.